"The continent is too large to describe. It is a veritable ocean, a separate planet, a varied, immensely rich cosmos"
- Rychard Kupscinski

In a 1974 Peugeot 404 I'll be trying to get just a little taste of this great continent in the coming weeks. The guy on the right is Henry Morton Stanley, one of the first and probably most well known Africa explorers of the 19th century. On one of his trips, to a region now known as Tanzania, he was send on a quest to find another famous but missing explorer. After months of struggling, where half of his crew died, where he got severely ill and lost almost half of his weight, when he finally stumbeled upon the long lost doctor in the centre of a huge continent that had not been mapped yet, he casually spoke his famous words: "Dr Livingstone, I presume?". Tough guy.

Ofcourse I will not be making as epic of a trip as Stanley did. Neither as far, as long or as revolutionary. Nor as cruel by the way. For me, I will go on an old fashioned roadtrip navigated by paper maps and...gps. In a classic car but I'll bring my phone, electric coolbox, camera etc.. I will try to find some of the adventure he did though. How far and where to exactly? I wouldn't know!
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